In orthopedic surgery, more than 279 separate procedures use screws and plates to achieve fixation. Strong fixation among bones, plates, and screws is essential to the success of these surgeries. Patients with compromised anatomical scenarios present a significant challenge to good fixation as screws have a high risk of failing during or after surgery (loosening, stripping, breaking, backing-out, etc.).

For decades the orthopedic industry has attempted to enhance screw fixation by modifying implants. However, most surgeons are left to their own creative methods and improvise with various techniques, especially when performing surgery on patients experiencing compromised fixation scenarios. Unfortunately, existing techniques vary as to where and when they can be used, may not be applicable in certain indications, and can create additional risks to the patient.

Woven Orthopedic Technologies developed the OGmend® Implant Enhancement System to provide surgeons with the ability to achieve strong fixation in the most difficult, unpredictable circumstances. We do so by focusing on the underlying cause: the screw-to-bone interface.

The OGmend® Implant Enhancement System leverages a unique biotextile to enhance fixation in both the short-term and long-term. Our first-generation device is manufactured from a biopolymer with extensive clinical history and is designed to increase surface area contact between the bone and screw, distribute load transfer to help bone healing and remodeling, and enable boney ingrowth. The OGmend® System is simple to use and more cost effective than the improvised solutions surgeons are forced to employ today.



The OGmend® System has a CE Certification Mark which allows the system to be commercialized in countries that recognize the CE Mark.