About Us

Our Heritage

Woven Orthopedic Technologies was created by combining the needs of a surgeon, the vision of a team of experts steeped in decades of orthopedic industry experience, and the advanced capabilities of bio-textile manipulation.

It all started one evening in the operating room. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alexander Manning Jones was performing a standard orthopedic procedure to repair a fracture when he was presented with a loss of fixation while implanting plate and screw technology. Unfortunately, Dr. Jones did not have an immediate solution that could properly salvage the situation and ensure optimal fixation (grip between the screw and bone). Frustrated that there was not a simple off-the-shelf device that could secure a screw in the operating room, Dr. Jones contemplated the idea of an implant that could be used to augment compromised screw engagement. The resulting invention, combined with today’s industry needs and precise methods of interlacing fabrics, enabled the birth of a unique bio-textile solution.

In March 2013, under the leadership of a team of industry experts, Woven Orthopedic Technologies was born.