About Us

Our Heritage

It all started one evening in an operating room when Dr. Alexander Jones was performing a standard fracture fixation procedure on an elderly patient. During the procedure, Dr. Jones faced a challenge commonly experienced by orthopedic surgeons - achieving stable fixation in compromised fixation scenarios. Dr. Jones noticed that the hardware he was using would not engage the patient's bone adequately to ensure appropriate stability for healing. Based on his training, Dr. Jones implemented one of a number of techniques used to enhance fixation. However, he was frustrated there wasn't a simple, off-the-shelf product available and sought to create a better solution.

Our first technology, the OGmend® Implant Enhancement System, combines Dr. Jones' original concept with today’s precise methods of biopolymer manufacturing to offer surgeons a simple, cost-effective solution to overcome the challenges associated with operating in compromised fixation scenarios and ultimately achieve adequate fixation.