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Matthias Hornaus

Vice President of International Commercialization

Matthias Hornaus is an expert in international commercialization and has been responsible for launching disruptive technologies in the EMEA region for more than 25 years. A specialist in developing fully functional organizations from scratch, Mr. Hornaus expertise spans the gamut of commercial activities from building sales teams and launching sales channels, to establishing clinical sites, defining reimbursement strategies, and designing marketing plans that enable self-sustaining commercial activities.

Over the course of his career Mr. Hornaus led international commercial activities for a number of world-renowned companies such as Zimmer GmbH, Sulzer Orthopedics GmbH, Spinal Kinetics Inc, Spinevision S.A., and Spinewave Inc. He was a member of the management board for most of these companies and was responsible for organizing and leading their commercial activities in the EMEA region.

Mr. Hornaus is a native German and received his MBA in Economic Science from the Berufsakademie in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Executive Management Team